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press-inform offers an equally competent as reliable media relations from A to Z, from local to intercontinental, as a single contract or fixed-term contract. Researched the independent editorial office with headquarters in Munich, writes and analyzed for more than 25 years of success for the largest publishing houses, web portals, newspapers, agencies and magazines. In addition to numerous media in the German-speaking area press-inform also works for numerous titles in China, England, Spain, Portugal and Brazil. We create with great expertise, appropriate background knowledge and the necessary distance exactly the reports that you want; seven days a week - almost around the clock and exactly 365 days a year. So your readers as quickly and as well prepared as possible on paper or screen to see the latest information on.

The wide range of work ranging from journalistic daily business over time-consuming background research and current event and event coverage at home and abroad to creating of special publications, newsletters or complete Special Topics. Especially for online portals, agencies, specialized media and newspapers, we offer complete thematic channels and customized content packages of any size.

The individual employees of press-inform work at all times highly committed, highly competent and absolutely reliable. Through many years of experience in various fields of journalism, the members of the editorial team have excellent contacts in the thematic areas and their areas of specialization. The headquarters of the Press Office Press-Inform is in Munich. In addition, there are editors in the metropolitan regions of Berlin, Essen, Lisbon, Barcelona and Singapore.



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